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We are engineers and construction experts providing specialized services and expertise in building maintenance and construction industry.

We undertake projects involving  rehabilitation of concrete structures, strengthening and concrete protection, repairs and repainting,  concrete cutting, drilling ,controlled demolition, water proofing  applications and interior finishing works across the country.

Our Service portfolio includes.

Wire Saw, Wall Saw , FLoor Saw, Electrical and pneumatic , Poclain breaker 

Expansion Joint Treatment, PU Injections, Roofing/ Re roofing (PVC membranes), APP Membranes (Texa), PU LAM, Acrylic Liquid Applied membrane

Column/ Beam/ Slab Strengthening, Carbon Fiber Wraps/   Glass Fiber Wraps, Epoxy injections/ Cement Injections, Micro Concrete, Concrete Jacketing, Concrete Scanning

Protective Coatings, (anti carbonation coatings)

Authorized contractors of AkzoNobel & Berger, Decorative Paints (Interior & Exterior), High End Finishes (Texture & De`signer), Interior Finishing Works, Fabrication , Earth Work

•Epoxy/ PU Protective Floorings (Sika, Fosroc, BASF)

•Vacuum Dewatered Flooring (VDF)

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