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We have Hilti/Tyrolit Systems  which are world leaders in concrete sawing machines. With experience machine operators and supervisors we provide  optimum solutions which are cost effective and require minimum time. 

Diamond Wall/ Wire/ Floor Sawing  :  these are RCC cutting techniques used  when conventional methods are not suitable due to time and space.

Wire sawing has no limit to cut size and only constraint is the weight handling capacity at site.

Wire sawing method is used for cutting  bridge piers, beams, columns, machine foundations where surrounding areas are vibration and shock sensitive.

Wall sawing used blades  of different diameters to cut different thicknesses of RCC with maximum blade dia of 1600 mm which can cut upto 730 mm depth. 

Wall saw are commonly used to cut beams columns and to make openings in RCC.


Floor Sawing also uses blades which can cut maximum upto 300 mm. commonly used to cut RCC slabs and floors.


Core Cutting/Drilling: used for drilling 12 mm to 500 mm dla. circular holes in RCC upto 10 mtrs. commonly used for  making foundation pockets for machinery making openings to pass various utility piping etc.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Dismantling :  We also take up large scale dismantling projects using pneumatic / hydraulic hammers/excavators/ backhoe etc  .

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